“I have personally been a customer of Dave Clarke for a number of years and although we do not have gas at our property, Dave Clarke has been repairing and servicing our solar sealed hot water tank yearly. It can be hard to find a genuinely proficient and dedicated tradesman, so when I discovered Clarke Gas Services and experienced their quality of service, I found them so brilliant that I have never looked back. I have always found them prompt, honest and exceptionally tidy. Their work is always first class and customer service is of an exceptional standard.

Dave and his team are always friendly and willing to offer advice at every step of the way, providing quotes to work needed and offering more than one solution to rectify a problem. Clarke Gas Services are totally committed to resolve any issue before they leave and always at a price that is honest and reasonable. I have no doubt you will be in safe hands with Clarke Gas services and for this reason, I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone. Thank you! – VG”



“As a father with a young child there’s nothing quite like the feeling of dread and vulnerability you feel at a broken boiler during a cold spell. I think most people at one time or another have felt they’ve been the victim of having to pay more than was necessary; and like taking your car to the mechanic, I feel you’re completely at the mercy to the expertise of the person of whom you chosen to fix it. For my car problems I’m still trying to find a solution – but thankfully when my boiler breaks – there’s Clarke’s Gas Services.

I can’t recommend Dave and his team at Clarke’s Gas Services enough. They offer the convenience that you might expect from a large corporation, such as email correspondence, SMS alerts and online payment but they’re able to combine it with a willingness to do the job right and uphold their local reputation. Most importantly of all they will talk to you like a human being and explain everything in terms you can understand.

In short – Clarke’s Gas Services were an absolute diamond in the rough and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone that’s looking for a great, trustworthy boiler engineer.”



“I have used the services of David Clark for my boiler service. David Provided me with the most professional overhaul of my ageing boiler & gave me great advice as standard.

Clarke’s Gas Services are highly professional, punctual & clean.

I cannot recommend David Clarke’s Gas Services highly enough for quality & ethos their approach to business. I will certainly be happy to refer his company to any other people I meet in business. – DS”



“There can’t be many families who could absorb the cost of a new boiler without batting and eyelid. I’m sure that by most people’s standards, it would represent a financial challenge, if not a disaster.

So Dave was not my favourite person when he broke the news, during a boiler service, that our old workhorse was bound for the knacker’s yard. It was leaking into the floor, and the broken part couldn’t be replaced.

Dave was nothing but patient, understanding and helpful while we went through the stages of coming to terms with the death of a boiler (disbelief, denial, anger etc), and while we sought quotes for the work.

We gave the installation to Clarke’s Gas Services and could not have been happier with how it went. Dave was everything you hope for when having people working in your home: punctual, personable, considerate, and with no unforeseen costs slipping in. He got us a great price on both the new boiler and a ‘smart’ heating control system – we now have masses of hot water, better fuel economy, and as a small added bonus, more space in the airing cupboard.

Thank you so much Dave. Please know that we will recommend Clarke’s Gas Services at any opportunity. – AB”



“I cannot recommend Dave Clarke and his family business highly enough.

I was introduced to the business through Faversham BNI where I initially met Dave’s wife Katie, since when Dave & Adrian have completed a variety of works both at my home and numerous others.

Dave has persisted where others have failed, he & his staff have been reliable & conscientious, something not always apparent in his line of business. In addition, he appears to have invested in support & technology thus streamlining his business activities, he always gives added value.

I have been greatly impressed by Dave Clarke and anyone requiring the assistance of a specialist heating engineer should look no further. – GJ”