Power Flushing Faversham

Professional Power Flushing from Clarke’s Gas Services

When your central heating system starts to play up or suffer poor performance it can be down to the fact it simply needs a good thorough cleaning also known as power flushing to remove sludge, debris and limescale, to help improve it’s performance. This extremely controlled method of cleaning should be carried out by a qualified heating engineer to ensure the work is carried out correctly and safely.

We only use qualified and experienced heating engineers at Clarke’s Gas Services, offer a comprehensive flushing and cleaning service on heating systems throughout the Faversham area. They will carry out a thorough cleaning of the central heating system and boiler, ensuring the boiler, radiators and pipework are scrubbed of all sludge, debris and limescale; which in turn can increase the overall efficiency of your central heating system. At Clarke’s Gas Services we offer the flushing of central heating systems in and around Faversham.

Power Flushing

How to identify when your central heating system may need a Power Flush

If you’re based in Faversham or the surrounding areas and choose to have a power flushing carried out on your central heating system by Clarke’s Gas Services then our heating engineers will carry out a comprehensive and extremely controlled method of cleaning on your heating system.

Clarke’s Gas Services of Faversham will dispatch a heating engineer to your home to identify what is potentially wrong with the central heating and boiler, during this inspection they will test thing such as how the radiators warm up, if the boiler or radiators make any noises they shouldn’t and if there’s any buildup of corrosion in the pipework.

To begin the process the engineer will remove the pump so that they can connect the machine. Once connected the system will be run up to temperature, with all radiators open adding specially designed chemical to correct issues with the system, once up to temperature each radiator will be closed off one by one so that they can be cleaned out. We ensure systems are cleaned out to meet British Standards for cleanliness, once all radiators have been cleaned the system gets treated with inhibitors to help to restore it to full operation.

When our heating engineers from carry out any power flushing work in the Faversham area, they will adhere to Clarke’s Gas Services standards of 1 day for the service(depending on amount of radiators)

Benefits of Clarke’s Gas Services Power Flushing service

  • More even heat distribution throughout the property
  • Improved energy saving
  • Increased system reliability
  • Extended central heating system and boiler lifespan
  • Reduced energy bills

Call Clarke’s Gas Services for a professional service

When it comes to your central heating system not functioning correctly or if you know it’s in need a thorough cleaning, then get in touch with Clarke’s Gas Services. Our heating engineers offer a professional and reliable service, they carry out all power flushes of central heating systems to some of the highest standards in the Faversham area. Give Clarke’s Gas Services a call on 01795 530060.


We also provide this service in the following locations:

There could be a build up of sludge, rust and other debris within your central heating system. This may mean that you need a radiator power flush. Get in touch with us today and we will be able to help you get your radiator working efficiently again.

If you are in Faversham or the surrounding areas, make sure that you get in touch with our team today. Our engineers and plumbers will be more than happy to help you with any of your central heating services; including power flushing.

Depending on the maintenance of your central heating systems, they will typically need power flushing around every 5 years. If your system suffers from faults and you find that your central heating system isn’t working as efficiently, then you may need to get them flushed more frequently.

We would recommend that you still get your systems power flushed, as it will clean out the system and preserve the efficiency of the new boiler. Your radiators and pipework may still be clogged, despite the new system.